Heston Osgrave

symbolist poet and painter


a bemused looking man in his early 30s, unkempt and several days unwashed yet that doesn’t seem to bother him.


a troubled member of the esteemed Osgrave family, the baronets of Tothill-on-moor. He has grown peculiar over the past few years, his strange poetry and weird forms of art has pushed him to the fringes of the London bohemian society. After many months of debt to his landlord, he was forced out of his apartment in the Soho district of London and now he takes shelter in cheap apartments in the east-end of London where he frequents Whitechapel pubs and the Chinatown opium dens.

unfortunately his debts are still unpaid which has landed him in some trouble with the east-end street gangs.

Heston Osgrave

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